Ljubljana Feldenkrais Training online introductory

Datum/Zeit 22.06.2022, 20:00 – 21:00 Uhr

Ljubljana Feldenkrais Training 2023 – 2026

Free online introductory event

The Ljubljana Feldenkrais International Training will prepare you to become a competent, confident and professional Feldenkrais Practitioner. Being able to practice the method while at the same time understanding the principles and concepts that are underlying the method.

The decision to join a 4-year training program that will change your mindset, relationships, and worldview does not come easy. We will organise several introductiory courses for our training. Here you can get to know the Feldenkrais method, Educational Director Christoph Habegger and the organisers.

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Ljubljana Feldenkrais Training Online Introductory 2022-06-22